Drilling & Sampling

Crux is a leader in recovering weak formations through our use of wire line coring systems. With a focus on geotechnical data acquisition, Crux is committed to providing expert core drilling and sampling services to maximize recovery, meet ASTM standards, and provide our clients with valuable data. Through our operator experience, mud programs, drill rig design, and the use of specialty downhole tools, Crux is able to obtain continuous samples of challenging subsurface conditions. This includes hard intrusive rock to weakly-cemented colluvium deposits.

Our drilling fleet is equipped to operate casing advancer systems, which include fluid wash or air rotary drilling methods. These systems have the ability to drill and set casing through unconsolidated ground and rock formations.

Downhole systems include:

  • HQ3 wire line core drilling to 2500+ feet
  • NQ3 wire line core drilling of 2500+ feet
  • PQ3 wire line core drilling to  1000+ feet
  • Fluid wash casing advancer systems
    • HWT or HQ
  • Air rotary casing advance systems
    • 5 to 85/8 inch under reamer systems
  • Hollow stem auger wire line system

Sampling capabilities include:

  • Two-inch and three-inch drive samples
    • 140 lb and 300 lb hammers
  • California modified sampler
  • Three-inch Shelby tube sampler
  • Piston hydraulic 3 inch Shelby tube sampler
  • Modified Shelby drilled wire line sampler

Challenging geotechnical core recovery


Crux’s equipment and drilling systems have been designed to obtain geotechnical data at the point of interest. We are dedicated to developing and providing efficient, high quality geological data acquisition services for our clients. To request additional information, please use our Contact Page or call 866-CRUXSUB (866-278-9782).


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