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Commitment to Safety

“Safety is Our Core Value” is not just a slogan for us. It’s rooted in our everyday training and operations.

When combining remote-access locations with helicopters and heavy machinery, accidents are not an option.



Crux goes to great lengths to identify hazards, eliminate and mitigate these hazards where possible, and provide our crews with constant, up to date training. Whether relating to worksite cleanliness and safety, environmental protection, or crisis management, you can be assured that Crux employees will always be fully prepared.

The way we see it, safe operations are essential to providing the highest value to our clients, our employees and our stakeholders.

For more information on our environmental training, HASP and JSA program, drug testing, or operator certifications, please contact our Safety Department


We are thinking about safety differently.

We are in the people business, and we know that people are fallible. We always choose prevention, but we realize that mistakes will happen. The question becomes do we have the capacity to absorb failure without causing harm? To be ready, we will plan and execute work assuming that failure could happen at any moment. We will learn from each job, each mistake and success — to continue getting better in every aspect. Safety is not the complete absence of injuries — it is the presence of capacity. Safety is not just a policy — safety is the core of who we are and always at the forefront of our focus.

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