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California Landslides Call for Emergency Investigations

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Crux Subsurface, Inc. (Crux) worked with Golden State Bridge, Inc. to provide geotechnical exploration services on Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge in Big Sur, California.

Active landslides had caused significant fractures in one of the support columns, and Caltrans determined the damage was too severe to repair. The bridge was demolished earlier this month, and a geotechnical investigation was commissioned to assist in the design of a new structure.

After completing the first investigation, CalPortland contracted Crux for additional work on a separate landslide in the area. The Deli Landslide is located about half of a mile from the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge and drilling operations will determine remediation measures for the affected area.

Crux’s scope includes drilling and instrument installation to measure depth and movement of both landslides. Drilling operations utilized helicopter and crane support to access locations.

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