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Challenging core recovery in residential area

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Crux is in the second of two drilling phases for the South Lake Sammamish Planning Basin Alternatives Analysis Project in Bellevue, Washington.

The project is located within a residential neighborhood, where noise ordinances and traffic control are in effect.  Close proximity to surrounding homes also required additional permitting and has impacted work schedules.  Crux was selected to provide core drilling and sampling services because of the potential for difficult core recovery and the company’s significant experience working within restricted or congested areas.

Crux was contracted by Jacobs Associates to drill and sample nine boreholes in the subsurface conditions.  The longest of these is a recently completed 730-foot borehole that was drilled at 20 degrees from vertical.  Borehole imaging has been completed in a select boring and vibrating wire piezometers are being installed in each hole.  Packer testing is being completed as directed by the contractor.

King County commissioned the work to determine the options for upgrading the County’s wastewater conveyance system served by the Sunset and Heathfield Pump Stations in Bellevue, WA.  An upgrade is necessary to meet the area’s growing wastewater conveyance needs.

Crux will drill a combined total of over 3000 feet and expects to complete drilling activities in February, 2013.

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