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Crux begins work on BC Hydro project

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Crux has mobilized to British Columbia, Canada, to provide specialty foundation services on BC Hydro’s Northwest Transmission Line (NTL).

The company has been awarded design-build micropile foundation work for seven lattice tower structures on the new 214-mile (344 km) alignment. Crux will be working as a subcontractor to Valard Construction, the general contractor for the NTL. Once completed, the line will connect the Skeena Substation near Terrace, B.C., with a new substation near Bob Quinn Lake.

Crux has significant experience providing specialty foundation design and construction throughout the United States, but this will mark the first Canadian transmission project for the company.

“The logistics of transmission line construction are so similar between Canada and the United States that it was a natural transition for us,” says Crux President, Nick Salisbury. “Some of the structures on the NTL alignment are located in challenging terrain and hard rock, and we believe that micropile foundations provide the best solution to construction challenges in these areas.”

Rugged terrain requires all seven sites to be accessed by helicopter only. Micropiles provide a viable foundation option here because they are lightweight elements and can be installed utilizing lightweight, componentized equipment. They are also conducive to hard rock sites because the tooling developed for installation was intended specifically for these conditions. The remaining structures on the alignment will employ a variety of foundation types depending on access, ground conditions and other factors.

Construction of the NTL is currently underway and the line is scheduled to come into service in the spring of 2014. Micropile foundation construction commenced on Aug. 2, 2013, and Crux expects to be onsite for approximately 20 days.

To learn more about the Northwest Transmission Line, please visit BC Hydro’s website: http://www.bchydro.com/energy-in-bc/projects/ntl.html

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