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Jackson Hydroelectric Project

The Water Temperature Conditioning Phase 2 of the Jackson Hydroelectric Project was intended to provide water temperatures beneficial to aquatic resources within the 6.4-mile reach...

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High Speed Rail East Corridor Feasibility

The planned California High-Speed Rail will be the first high-speed rail system in the country, connecting major metropolitan areas at speeds of over 200 miles...

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Iowa Hill Pump Storage Project

The Iowa Hill Pump Storage Project is a Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) project located in El Dorado County. The proposed facility would pump water...

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Central Subway Cross Passage

The Central Subway is the second phase of the Third Street Light Rail Project, which entailed construction of an efficient light rail line to improve...

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Lake Mead Shafts & Tunnel

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) planned the construction of a third water supply intake from Lake Mead to supplement the two already in operation....

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Gorge Dam Power Tunnel

The Gorge Dam is one of three generating facilities operated by Seattle City Light on the Skagit River in Washington State. The dam’s original power...

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Hudson Falls Horizontal

General Electric commissioned a polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) cleanup project at their Hudson Falls Plant in New York state. Before PCB regulation in the 1970’s, over...

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Lake Mead Intake No. 3

Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) investigated the construction of a large diameter water-supply tunnel from their existing water treatment plant into Lake Mead’s Boulder Basin....

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Central Pool Augmentation

The Central Pool Augmentation (CPA) Project included the construction of a new water treatment plant in Riverside County, California to provide for growth in Riverside,...

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