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BNSF Slope Stabilization

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Project Description + Crux’s Role

The purpose of this project was to construct a top-down shoring system to stabilize an active landslide, which would protect the residence at the top of the slope as well as the BNSF double main railway at the toe of the slope. Crux provided procurement and construction services to install a permanent top-down soil anchor/shotcrete shoring system. The shoring system required 150 epoxy-coated soil anchors and 5,000 square feet of permanent reinforced shotcrete facing. Difficult access and a congested work site provided for significant construction challenges. The existing residence was located just 12 feet upslope of the top of the landslide head scarp, and threatened to slide into the Puget Sound waters 100 feet below. The railroad tracks ran parallel to the shoring wall at the bottom of the slope, and personnel and equipment access was restricted to railcar only. Crux completed the shoring scope of services in less than 60 calendar days with zero safety incidents and zero environmental incidents.

Team Members

Scarsella Bros, Inc.
Crux Subsurface

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