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East Valley Lateral

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Project Details

Location: Nevada

Project Description

The East Valley Lateral Project was a large diameter pipeline and tunnel project near Las Vegas, NV. The project consisted of installing close to 7 miles of underground pipeline from the River Mountains Reservoir to Desert Inn Road near the Las Vegas city limits. A portion of this project included a 1,500-foot long, deep tunneled crossing of the Las Vegas Wash. The crossing was constructed by Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) methods as an alternative to the original specifications of drill and blast.

Team Members

Southern Nevada Water Authority, Brierley Associates, Northwest Cascade Inc., Kinsel Industries Inc., Converse Consultants, Contri Construction Company, Crux Subsurface Inc., Quanta Subsurface

Crux’s Role

Crux provided core drilling and permeation grouting for the deep tunneled crossing alignment of the Las Vegas Wash. As positional control of the borehole was paramount, optical survey tools were employed on a regular basis and directional drilling technologies were used to steer the borehole in the proper direction.

Crux core drilled and permeation grouted one 750-foot borehole for the South Shaft, extending northward to the mid-point of the tunnel. The rock quality was generally good and Kinsel commenced tunneling without additional core drilling or permeation grouting.

Crux then moved to the North Shaft and began drilling southward. Poor rock quality and significant water infiltration were encountered between 200 and 600 feet of the shaft. Kinsel authorized Crux to provide additional core holes and grout coverage in the zone of poor rock quality and water infiltration. Crux employed directional drilling technology to treat the specific zone without unnecessary drilling in more competent portions of the alignment. This reduced the overall time and cost required to complete the project.

All holes were core drilled, injection water tested, and permeation grouted.



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