Fire Hardening Replacements

SDG&E’s Cleveland National Forest (CNF) Powerline Replacement Projects combined over 70 existing use permits for electric facilities within the CNF in Southern California. The combined MSUP consisted of 124 miles of line replacement, 54 miles of distribution underbuilds, and 14 miles of underground 12 kV and 69 kV. In total, 1760 monopoles were installed over 18 segments, substantially improving electric system performance during extreme weather conditions and enhancing fire resistance.

Team Members


Crux Subsurface

PAR Electrical Contractors

Crux’s Role

Crux served as Prime Contractor on the project, overseeing all aspects of construction. Crux provided design for all foundations which included a combination of drilled shaft, direct embedded and micropile foundations. Self-performed installs included 8 drilled piers, over 300 direct embedment shafts, over 3,700 micropiles, over 1,000 ground rods and over 250 anchors. Specific project challenges include working within a National Forest, coordinating more than 53 contracting companies, and safely managing over 4,000 hours of helicopter operations.

Crux safely managed more than 53 contracting companies and over 4,000 hours of helicopter operations.

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