The Crickey Valley Energy Center commissioned construction of a of a new 345 kV transmission line in an existing right-of-way between the Cricket Valley Switchyard and the ConEdison Pleasant Valley Substation in New York State.  The planned 64 structures on the alignment included 61 self-supporting monopoles and 3 H-Frame structures.  55 of the structures required a foundation alternative due to shallow hard rock and/or access challenges.

Team Members

Cricket Valley Energy Center

MJ Electric

Crux Subsurface

Quanta Subsurface

Crux’s Role

Crux was selected to provide design-build micropile foundations for the 52 monopoles and 3 H-Frame structures requiring a foundation alternative. The majority of the structures were located in areas with shallow hard rock, rendering drilled shaft construction costly and time consuming. Structure locations also featured undulated terrain and rock outcroppings making drive-up access challenging. Micropiles are highly efficient in rock, and the lightweight components and materials needed for installation can be transported a variety of ways. 7 structure locations were specified as helicopter-access, and the remaining micropile sites were accessed by rough terrain forklift.

Foundation work took place between December and July, resulting in wet ground conditions and various access restrictions. Allowable work areas changed on a daily basis and required flexibility as well as close coordination with the client and owner to ensure project schedules were met. Unpredictable and extreme weather conditions compounded these challenges, with the project seeing multiple nor’easters and a tornado in close proximity.

Expand on protected species challenges (MK)

Expand on geotech conditions and challenges (ZW)

In total  Expand on MP info (total footage, number of piles in each foundation, etc) (MK)

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