The new Pioneer Hutt Wind Energy Reinvestment Zone includes a 140 MW wind generation facility in Midland County, TX.  The project also includes transmission lines, underground electrical collection cables, a substation, an operation and maintenance building, meteorological and associated towers, access roads to turbines, foundation, roadways, paving and fencing.

Team Members


Pioneer Natural Energy

Brink Constructors

Crux Subsurface

Crux’s Role

Crux was contracted to provide grouted anchor installation to support guyed transmission structures.  In total, 99 anchors were installed at 13 structure locations.  Pre-construction testing was completed in advance of installation at 6 separate structure locations to confirm design assumptions for bonding in the two primary geotechnical conditions: limestone and claystone. One tensile test was required on a production anchor at each anchor cluster location. The Owner’s Engineer identified specific tests as a proof or performance test. In total, Crux performed 6 performance tests and 21 proof tests.

Challenges included access to several structures being restricted due to landowner disputes.  Crux mitigated this by sequencing construction schedules such that the landowner agreements had ample time to be established, as well as developing good working relationships with landowners to ease any tensions while working on their property.

Crux assigned a field quality engineer to be onsite during the test program and anchor installation, facilitating grout quality control and specimen management; oversight of the as-built documentation required by project specifications; and oversight of the testing program. As a result, the project experienced zero rework issues and the client was satisfied with the outcome.

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