Micropile Installation

The Lower McDonald Creek Bridge provides access from West Glacier National Park to the Camas Road, Fish Creek, and Grist Road areas. Failure of the existing northwest bridge abutment led to emergency rehabilitation services being required. The scope of work completed included bridge repair, paving, embankment improvement, and formalization of nearby trails.

Team Members

Western Federal Lands Highway Division

Timberline Construction

Crux Subsurface

Crux’s Role

Crux was contracted to design and install six micropiles at one abutment.  The other was built on a hard rock foundation and was not experiencing the same settlement issues. Piles were drilled through the existing bridge deck to supplement deteriorating timber piles.  Subsurface materials consisted of sands, loose soils, gravel, and cobbles, requiring all six micropiles to be pressure grouted.  Piles were drilled to an average depth of 55 feet and bedrock was never reached.

The project took place within a National Park, requiring increased spill mitigation and an overall decreased footprint from drilling operations.  Additional project challenges included coordination with traffic control. One lane was closed off for construction crews, but it was required that the second lane remain open.  Crux worked closely with the contractor and traffic control to ensure all project activities were completed in a safe and efficient manner.

Piles were drilled to 55 feet and successfully achieved the required capacity without reaching bedrock

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