Micropile Installation

Original construction of the pool area at the Palms Hotel involved backfilling the location and constructing on top of this material. The compaction of fill material was poor, which created structural settlement problems for the pool and neighboring spa, restaurant, and night club. During a later renovation of the pool area, the hotel commissioned simultaneous foundation work to negate the settlement issues. This involved the remediation of sub-grade soils and underpinning of the pool area and adjacent structures.

Team Members

Palms Casino and Resort

Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Northwest Cascade

Crux Subsurface

Crux’s Role

Crux was contracted as a joint venture with Northwest Cascade to perform soil remediation and install micropiles for underpinning. Minimal disturbance to daily operations of the hotel was crucial, requiring work to be completed during off-peak hours. To accomplish this, interior locations were underpinned during nighttime hours, and all equipment and materials were removed from the spa and restaurant areas prior to their opening each morning.

Micropiles were installed along the outer footprint of the pool deck and within the interior of the Hotel restaurants, spa and night club. Access and working areas were limited to small drill equipment, and in some locations required equipment suitable to work within closet-sized rooms. To minimize impacts to the hotel, a specialized system was designed to move drill cuttings and spoils from the project site to a remote staging location.

Project schedule flexibility was critical to accommodate special VIP events and unknown utility locations. Northwest Cascade and Crux successfully completed all work on-schedule and with minimal impacts to hotel operations.

Piles were installed along the outer footprint of the pool deck and within the restaurant, spa, and night club

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