Geophysics + Downhole Imaging

Geophysics for Geotechnical Investigations

Crux has the capability to perform both seismic and resistivity surveys for a variety of project needs, allowing for efficient identification of depth to rock or depth to more resistive soil horizons up to 150’ beneath the surface. A 2-Dimensional cross section is produced for each area of interest as well as distance over time graphs to accurately apply a FPS velocity designation to the subsurface materials allowing the client to be able to plan equipment and manhours accordingly pre construction. With resistivity, Crux is able to identify groundwater and resistive layers allowing for pre-construction grounding designs to be developed more accurately.

Downhole Imaging

Crux’s customized optical/acoustical televiewers provide a continuous, detailed and oriented image of the borehole wall. Subsequent interpretation and analysis of this image provides information on dip azimuth and dip magnitude for all identified planar features. The system is applicable in vertical, horizontal, and inclined boreholes, and can accommodate additional downhole surveys including caliper, natural gamma, temperature, and resistivity.