Limited Access Solutions

Crux offers a fleet of specialty equipment, from helicopter portable micropile drills to custom barge systems. 

Our experienced team and in-house fabrication capabilities enable us to tailor this equipment to the specifics of the project, and successfully complete our work in the most challenging conditions.

Our customized geotechnical exploration drills can be transported by track rig, truck, helicopter, or crane. They are able to access confined spaces, steep slopes, and environmentally sensitive areas, and have the capabilities to drill at any angle.

Our fleet of specialized Crux-Beretta Spin Drills can be track mounted or set on custom leveling platforms. Lightweight and componentized, they can be easily transported by crane or helicopter, and adjust to allow for low overhead clearance as well as tight spaces in general.

Custom designed barge systems enable us to work in a variety of marine conditions, including water as shallow as 18 inches. For jobs with overwater and land components, the barges are equipped with loading ramps for track and truck-mounted equipment.

Our rubber track Morooka carriers have a ground pressure of only 3.9 psi when fully loaded, enabling them to traverse undulated terrain and poor quality roadways. Crux has customized the carriers to support a mounted drill rig or radio-controlled knuckle boom crane.

Spydercrane Mini Crawlers are used to reposition heavy objects at remote sites, significantly reducing safety exposure from manual lifting and helicopter support time. The small size and maneuverability of the Spydercranes allow them access locations that traditional cranes cannot.

Crux’s track-mounted helicopter-portable demolition robot, Brokk, allows us to provide excavating activities at remote sites that would typically require blasting or extensive hand work. With a variety of attachments meant for soil and rock, the Brokk significantly reduces the amount of site preparation time and labor.

Crux’s RTD-30K (rough terrain drills) are 4 wheel drive, high ground clearance, rubber tired machines designed and built in-house to access difficult terrain yet maintain a high rate of mobility between drill sites. Ideal for high volumes of short holes with long distances between sites. Set up for micropile drilling, perforating and anchors. Equipped with radio control for drilling functions and a separate control for the material handling crane.