The project entails a 1,000- megawatt energy storage project being developed in White Pine County, NV, eight miles north of Ely, NV. Once completed, the project will move water between two reservoirs to generate and store power as needed and will serve as a vital component to that region’s modernized and reliable energy infrastructure.

Team Members

rPlus Hydro

White Pine Waterpower

Crux Subsurface

Crux’s Role

Crux was contracted during the permitting and feasibility phase of the project to provide geotechnical drilling and related services. The scope included three geotechnical borings and was completed in two separate phases due to strict permitting requirements, primarily with respect to Sage Grouse protection. At the
downhole geophysical surveys, packer testing, hydraulic fracture testing and vibrating wire piezometer installs were completed.

The first phase of work entailed one deep, track-access angle boring. With the schedule condensed due to permitting requirements, Crux ran rotating 12-hour crew shifts to keep operations moving 24 hours per day and complete as much of the scope as possible prior to the October 31 stop date. A 6×6 water truck was utilized to deliver 24-hour water to the drill site. The access road was primitive, and care taken to assess and safely drive the winding route while minimizing overall impacts to the roadway. Crux dealt with sun, rain, and snow over the three-week work window. At the conclusion of this phase of work, the boring was drilled to 1,594 feet and kept to within +/- 2 degrees deviation.

The second phase entailed two track access vertical borings drilled to 170 and 400 feet. The 170-foot boring included suspension logging and PVC installation, and the 400-foot boring included a vibrating wire piezometer install.

Project-specific challenges included working around strict permitting requirements that affected drilling schedules. These were mitigated through close  collaboration with the owner during planning phases, as well as running 24-hour drilling operations.

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